Faith Provision Mobile App

An App that will make missions easier.

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Raised: $400
Goal: $50,000


The Faith Provision App would have these features: 1. Journal Storage, this feature will enable the missionaries to take journals of their missions, the app would later upload them to their campaigns once they have access to the internet. 2. Material and Document Feature – Missionaries could easily access their resource materials for doing the work in the fields. 3. The app could send notifications on our brethren about the updates on the campaigns they were subscribing on. 4. The app users could easily save the stories from their favorite missionaries and it could encourage them in the ministry. 5. Missionaries can easily track their campaigns in real time.


To help Faith Provision Missionaries and Faith Provision Supporters App Creation costs – 50,000 USD Monthly Maintenance – 2000 USD

Faith Provision would like to further our help to the missionaries with the use of Mobile Apps on their phones. Missionaries seldom have access to internet and some materials are harder to carry to the mission field. A mobile app could help them in their missions.

To Create a Faith Provision App that would help the Christian missionaries connect more and to help them in the mission fields.

We started some groundwork on the Faith Provision App already

To make the use of the Faith Provision platform more accessible and easier to use for all Christians.

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