Faith Provision Depression and Suicide Counselling Program

Faith Provision Partners with Biblical Counselling Worldwide and Student Missionary Outreach to reach and share God’s beautiful redeeming message to the depressed and Lost.

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For the Heart is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked, who can understand it? Jeremiah 17:9 People’s response on the circumstances happening around them is based on the Heart. Because of powerlessness on our circumstances we tend to be depressed, angry, worried or guilty. God is teaching us to look to Him as a good and loving God that is sovereign on all circumstances. Faith Provision Team worked with Biblical Counselling Worldwide and Student Missionary Outreach since 2017 to teach people about God’s approach on dealing depression.


2000 USD – Books distribution and Translation 2000 USD – Funding for equipping and training of staff 4000 USD – Biblical Seminars to be held around the country 4000 USD – Salary for volunteers and staff

All people suffer from depression, anger, worry and guilt. We cannot control the things that are happening around us but God can. We teach biblical counselling differently than Psychology which tells people to love their selves more, Biblical Counselling tell people to restore the broken relationship with God first and everything will be put in God’s perspective and glorious plan.

To Reach depressed and suffering people and lead them to Christ.

Faith Provision Team has been actively involved with Biblical counselling Worldwide and Student Missionary Outreach since 2017.

To train more teachers to reach out people suffering from depression and the lost.

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